Fallout Shelter Prepares To Receive Its Biggest Update Yet

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The award-winning iOS and Android game, Fallout Shelter, is preparing to receive its largest content update since the games original launch in June 2015, before it quickly became the third-highest-grossing game on the App Store – within a week. Both Apple and Google awarded Fallout Shelter a Best of 2015 Award and it scooped some coveted awards from big names such as D.I.C.E and Golden Joystick.

Since its release the team have been hard at work delivering new content including cloud support, pets, Survival Mode and holiday exclusive events. With the upcoming release of Update 1.4 the game will receive its biggest content update to-date including crafting, new rooms, new pets and more.

  • Turn worthless junk into useful items! Introducing… crafting!
  • New Rooms! Build the new Weapon and Armor crafting rooms and use them to create your own items in game!
  • Lunchboxes now contain a bonus 5th card: Junk! Trust us – it’s more useful than it sounds. Lucky wasteland explorers may also find junk on their adventures.
  • Take the Overseer role to the next level. Build the new Barbershop and customize the look of any Dweller.
  • Keep up with the latest fashions! Find new Outfits and Weapons straight from Fallout 4 in lunchboxes, or craft them yourself!
  • Because four-legged companions bring overwhelming happiness, we’ve added new Dogs and Cats, and are introducing… Parrots! Plus, new Pet bonuses!
  • Time of day is now properly reflected. Because authentic Vault simulation is our #1 goal!

Fallout Shelter is available to download and play for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Source: Press Release

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