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Far Cry 3 Video: Tactics, Weapons & Skills

Far Cry 3 Video: Tactics, Weapons & Skills
Ubisoft have just released a new video for their upcoming tropical survival shooter, Far Cry 3. This latest video highlights some of the more exciting aspects of the upcoming addition to the Far Cry universe, including information regarding vehicles, weapons and the 3-skill tattoo system.

Far Cry 3 Video: Tactics, Weapons & Skills

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Far Cry 3 returns the franchise back to its roots providing players with a luscious tropical setting, stepping away from the African savanna style approach seen in the second title. Players will take on the role of a new protagonist in the form of Jason Brody, a tourist with a varied skillset involving combat and survival.

Earlier this year, at E3, Ubisoft also announced that the game will feature a co-op campaign that will feature its own story and characters, separate from the single player missions. The co-op feature will support up to 4 players online or two players via splitscreen. The co-op campaign will act as a prequel to the main campaign, following survivors that seek revenge on the tropical island.

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