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Far Cry 4 Weapons Trailer Shows How To Kick Ass

Far Cry 4 News
Ubisoft today released an exciting new trailer that showcases the myriad of weapons available in the highly anticipated sequel in the award-winning franchise with Far Cry 4. The video provides players with a detailed insight on the massive improvements on the Far Cry arsenal, with a plethora of new ways to destroy and decimate your enemies – well, anything with a pulse really. Rain fire on your foes with powerful mortars, take out heavily defended positions with a well placed noob tube or keep things personal and dispatch of your enemies with an impressive selection of stealth weaponry.

This impressive selection of weaponry will be given to the player by Longinus, an admitted warlord that claims he found the warm embrace of God following a near death experience when he was injured during the civil war in his country.

Far Cry 4 is all set to build on the huge success of the Far Cry universe with the most expansive and detailed game world ever in the IP. A breathtaking environment of jaw-dropping beauty awaits, with a rather well armed lunatic to keep you occupies.

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