Final Fantasy VII Announcement Disappoints At PlayStation Experience

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PlayStation Experience treated Sony fans to a vast array of tasty treats but there was one moment that had me on the edge of my seat in anticipation, Square Enix taking to the stage with a sprawling pair of screens donning the Final Fantasy VII logo in the background. Would they be announcing a sequel? A prequel? Or maybe a complete remake?

Unfortunately, no. For all intents and purposes, they’re releasing the PC version of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 4 in Spring of 2015. The announcement was accompanied by a video showing the original Final Fantasy VII in all its glory and honestly, the cut-scenes still look great by today’s standards. That is until you notice the iconic square-type design of the characters.

So while we still await a true HD remake, or anything that will whet the appetite of fans that have been screaming for something Final Fantasy VII related for over a decade, we’ve got another re-release that offers little more than an introduction to the game for a younger generation.

Source: YouTube, Kotaku

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