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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released January

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Released January
In a recent announcement Square Enix surprised fans with release information on the sequel to the highly unpopular FFXIII. Gamers have known the game was slated for release in Japan just before Christmas however most expected the US launch to be at least 6 months after. In the announcement Square Enix said they hope to launch the game in the US as early as January of next year.

I would definitely fit the fan boy category for Final Fantasy games but I can’t figure out why they thought Final Fantasy XIII deserved a sequel. The game was one of the most linear FF titles ever released, nothing but straight paths and an abundance of short, pointless cut scenes.

They tried a sequel with Final Fantasy X-2 and managed to make a great game worse with ridiculous changes such as automatic Bliztball and 0 guys to play as. Based on their track record, I can’t see this being anything else but another insult to one of the best game franchises of all time, let’s hope I’m wrong.

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