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Final Fantasy XV Is Half Open-World Half Linear

Final Fantasy XV Is Half Open-World Half Linear
Following fan outcry to return to series routes with an open-world for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, Director Hajime Tabata has told Famitsu, via Siliconera, that it will be half open-world and half linear.

There will be 15 chapters to Final Fantasy XV with the renowned Famitsu getting to play to chapter 3. According to Tabata chapter 3 is about 15% or so through the game. What wasn’t stated was whether or not different areas would be closed off after completing them or whether second half areas will have open-world aspects or not.

“The entire game structure for Final Fantasy XV consists of both open-world and linear parts. The first half keeps going as an open-world, but the story in the second half’s is led by a linear path. That way, you won’t get bored of an open-world as the rest of the game tightens, so we made it in a way that you’ll also get to advance through it as you have in conventional Final Fantasy games. If you play through the first half and only the main route of the second half, I believe the estimated play-time sits at around 40 to 50 hours.” Hajime Tabata

Final Fantasy XV will be available on 29th of November for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Check out the latest gameplay trailer below, featuring “Wait Mode.”


Source: Siliconera

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  1. Half & Half for linear and open-world? While I like how Square Enix is going to compromise with this plan, I don’t like how they’ll narrow it down towards the end. If I still wanted to visit certain areas before finishing off the game, I hope I could still do so. The fact chapter 3 is at least 15 percent through the game could be worrisome if most if not major areas are no longer able to visit. Or they could still be visited, but changed significantly.

    I’ve invested heavily into this game with the collector’s pre-order, so I hope to get as much bang for buck as I can when I get this game.

    1. You know at this point I just want it to work. Doin an article tomorrow on how the 6 pieces of DLC in the Season Pass may not be the only DLC available for the game and all I can think is please, please, please, just let the game that I buy on day one be great

      1. I’m really hoping this game is great too. The controls were clunky during the demo, but I’m not one to back off from demos.

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