First Person Co-Op Shooter PERISH Announced

The trigger-happy among us will be able to ascend to the heavens with the release of ITEM42 and HandyGames’ four-player FPS PERISH.

This shooter has players taking control of the corporeal spirit amyetri, who has been condemned to live a shadow life in Purgatory. In an attempt to end your suffering, you initiate the Rites of Orpheus, defeating the deities that block your path to Elysium.

Players will begin with nothing but a broken sword, but can amass danake to fund an arsenal that can take down even the mightiest of Dismal Lords. Be careful though; death means a loss of acquired wealth. This risk-versus-reward system fuels its world, and players must deposit their danake in the Pantheon before biting it.

No need to go at it alone though; players will be able to team up and deploy co-op-specific gear and gadgetry to defend, support, and revive one another.

Learn more with the announcement teaser below:

PERISH // Announcement Teaser

A release date for the game has yet to be determined. In the meantime, you can add the title to your Steam wishlist here.

Source: Press Release
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