Fling to the Finish Bomb Run Update Released

The chaotic co-op action of SplitSide Games and Daedalic Entertainment’s Fling to the Finish is getting even more chaotic with its new bomb run update.

This title features a number of adorable (and bouncy) characters that find themselves tethered together by an elastic rope. With this restriction in place, they must race through a number of different colorful levels chock-full of with nasty traps, working together to make it to the finish line first.

The new Bomb Run mode for the game adds a bit of difficulty by having players wear a bomb that weighs you down. One can unlock this Bomb Run mode in its campaign mode by completing previous challenges like Duck Hunt or UFO Race. This update also brings with it the chance to play an adorably old fashioned TV and a super speedy car.

The game is now available on Steam in Early Access. For all those who would like to see it in action, you can find a free demo for the game here. The title currently has a 34% discount, retailing for $9.89 as of this writing.

Source: Press Release
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