Fling to the Finish Now in Early Access

The quirky co-op racing world of Daedalic Entertainment and SplitSide Games’ Fling to the Finish has just landed in Early Access.

This title pits teams of two players against each other as they race across a number of different chaotic and colorful obstacle courses. There’s a catch though – players are tethered together by a stretchy elastic rope, which can either be your greatest asset or worst enemy.

One can also play the title against one another with a single controller, and both online or local races are also available. A variety of game modes will also be available, providing challenging solo-play and party-focused fun on tap.

The Early Access version of the game includes 12 levels, four game modes, 12 playable characters, and more than 20 crazy character skins. Additional content like additional levels, abilities, characters, skins and game modes will be added during the Early Access phase via regular updates.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Fling OutNow V4 English

All those interested can find the game on Steam here.

Source: Press Release
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