Fract OSC Out Today

In the world of homogenized brown shooters it is good to take a look at games that try to do something a little bit different. Out today is a game called Fract OSC. The game uses music sequencers as puzzle mechanics in a vast open world to be explored and marveled at. With music by Mogi Grumbles to go along with mixes of music that the player creates while solving puzzles the world of Fract OSC has at the very least a unique soundtrack and game mechanic.

This game really has a sense of mysteriousness and exploration to it. Hardly anything is explained to the player when first getting into the game. There is something so fascinating about walking around in a strange world, not knowing the rules or anything about the environment and just poking around. However, it is a puzzle game, so if figuring out things in a music world sounds awful to you stay clear.

The soundtrack just seems like something I would want to get lost in. If you feel like checking the game out, Fract OSC can be bought on Steam, the Humble Store or GOG. Also you can find the soundtrack on Spotify.

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