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Free DLC For AC: Brotherhood

Free DLC For AC: Brotherhood

With a lot of us getting Assassins Creed Brotherhood for Christmas(and the sudden drop in price) I’ve been wondering when some DLC was coming. Well we got some DLC in the form of a new multiplayer map.

The DLC is called Animus Project 2.0 and the map called Pienza. It also adds a new mode called Chest Capture which of course is like capture the flag with one team protecting and one team attacking. Its nice to have a new mode in the game and it should add some new life into the game. They are also adding something known as the Templar Score system which will put people into certain ranks and reward you for your killing abilities, and also maybe match you up with people more your skill level. Still I bet we will see some single player DLC relatively soon but expect it to cost you a bit of cash just like the last AC.

See you all in the Animus! Also here is a trailer if you wanna check it out – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9FugUuUUjQ&feature=player_embedded

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