Frozenheim Now Available on Steam

A serene Norse city builder with real-time combat and rich settlement management mechanics, Paranoid Interactive and Hyperstrange’s Frozenheim is celebrating its full release out of early access and is now available on Steam.

This title serves as a blend of real-time strategy elements with a management-focused city-building sim, all wrapped up into an epic saga of your own choosing. Frozenheim takes a lighter approach to RTS unit control, with seasons passing at the turn of the Great Wheel as players live out their Norse fantasy.

A 21-mission single-player campaign has been included, with four stories of different Viking clans to follow. Also included is multiplayer, free-form city-building, and skirmish modes. A promise of further expansion via free post-release content updates has also been made.

Learn more with the gameplay trailer below:

Frozenheim gameplay trailer – full #steam release (June 16, 2022)

You can find the Steam page for the game here. The title currently features a 20% discount, retailing for $15.99 until July 7.

Source: Press Release
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