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Full Release Plans For HITMAN Revealed

Today, IO-Interactive gave the details on how they plan to release the new HITMAN. The newest HITMAN will be an episodic release and there are a couple ways you will be able to play it when it comes out. Come check out the launch details here!

The new HITMAN will launch on March 11, 2016. The full game with all the content will launch at a normal game price of $59.99. At this price you will get all the content (all episodes), access to live events and you will gain access to the HITMAN Beta. The HITMAN beta will be launching on the PlayStation 4 on December 8th.

For players who don’t want to shell out $59.99, there is a Intro Pack that comes at $34.99. This will come with all the launch content, including the live events and contracts for the locations in the launch area. If you play the game and decide you want the rest, you can upgrade for an additional $29.99.

When the game launches in 2016 it will come with three large locations. You will be able to explore Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh. There will be 6 main campaign missions with multiple ways to take out each target. There will also be a contract mode for each area, with an additional 800 targets to take out. There will also be new weekly missions and targets that will disappear if they aren’t completed in time. You will also get new weapons and disguises from these live contracts.

There will also be new areas for the next three months. We get Thailand in April, USA in May and Japan in June. Each of the new areas will be sandbox and have lots to explore. The areas will come with new missions, contracts and new signature kills to do. They will also unlock new weapons, tools and disguises for you to use on your journey.

[testimonials user=” email=” name=’Hannes Seifert, studio head at Io-Interactive’ photo=”] “We’ve had a lot of feedback since we announced HITMAN that has helped us shape these next steps. It’s important that we listen to fans and that we’re open with what we’re doing. So today we’re sharing details on our release plan and we’re announcing something the community has asked for: a new price to enter the game at launch.”[/testimonials]

HITMAN will be available for digital download on March 11, 2016 for the PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC. A disc version of the game will also be available later in 2016.

Source: Press Release

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