Galactic Civilizations IV Launch Date Confirmed

Stardock recently announced the final release date for the upcoming addition to the award-winning 4X strategy sandbox franchise, Galactic Civilizations IV. The new title in the Galactic Civilizations series looks to bring exciting new features to the 4X table including multi-sector maps, great civilization customization via policies, internal factions, and a brand new quest and unique mission system.

The Galactic Civilization series continues to focus on the primary pillars of the 4X genre with a massive simulated universe, difficult AI opponents, various paths to victory, and lore dating back across a franchise that is approaching 30 years old.

Galactic Civilizations IV Launch Date Confirmed

“Galactic Civilizations IV is the result of years of thinking about the exciting innovations that have been occurring in strategy games. We want to give players the ultimate turn-based strategy experience, and we’ve accomplished this by adding in tons of new features that add to the depth and scope of the game while incorporating feedback over several alpha and beta testing phases.”Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO

While Galactic Civilizations IV promises new and exciting features for veteran players, the team at Stardock also announced a deep, in-game tutorial that walks players through the basic strategy elements of the game, providing tactical advice, allowing for new players to join the franchise easier than ever before.

Galactic Civilizations IV will launch on April 26th, 2022. For more information, check out the official website.

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