Game Boy Homebrew Kudzu Kickstarter Announced

A retro homebrew for the Nintendo Game Boy (yes, that one!), Pie for Breakfast Studios and Mega Cat Studios have launched a Kickstarter for their non-linear adventure Kudzu.

Kudzu might take cues from old-school action-adventure RPGs like Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon, but this non-linear isometric title packs modern touches. Players will follow the story of humble gardener Max as they set out to save their mentor from a world-eating plant.

New Kudzu species begin to surround Max’s camp, and players must learn more about this mystery as they contend with bugs, lizards, snakes, rats, environmental hazards, and treacherous puzzles with their arsenal of gardening tools.

Learn more with the trailer below:

James Deighan, Founder of Mega Cat Studios, had to say the following:

“Games take inspiration from real-world activities and turn them into something fantastic: such as gardening or even invasive species we fight in on a global scale like the kudzu vine. As game developers, we love to take the mundane into something extraordinary. We’re excited to team up with Pie for Breakfast Studios as they share our vision of making great games that put creativity and enjoyment at the forefront.”James Deighan

Developer Chris Totten added:

“Kudzu is a love letter to classic GameBoy games, such as Link’s Awakening and Pokemon. It will transport you into a world of danger, mystery, and excitement. Backers will be thrilled with our reward offerings, ranging from physical copies of the game, dioramas, goat plushies, and even custom machetes to take on Kudzu in the real world!”Chris Totten

The title can be played on the original Game Boy with a physical cartridge, with the Analogue pocket, or through one’s browser.

All those interested in pledging their support can find the official Kickstarter page here. In the meantime, a demo can be played in your browser here.

Source: Press Release
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