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Gamescom News – Ubisoft Bring Out The Big Guns

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The latest Gamescom news continues to flood out of Germany this year with award-winning development studio, Ubisoft, releasing exciting details for upcoming titles The Crew, The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria, Just Dance 2015 and the newly announced Might & Magic Heroes VII.

The Crew Launching On Xbox 360 November 11th

Arguably one of the most anticipated titles of the new generation sees Ubisoft launch players into a revolutionary driving experience that combines the social and progressive elements of the MMO genre with the skill-based, pulse-pounding action of today’s greatest racing games.

Winner of the “Best Racing Game” at E3 2014, The Crew will be launching on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and now the Xbox 360 after Ubisoft today announced The Crew will be joining Microsoft’s last generation console on November 11th.

Might & Magic Heroes VII Announced

Earlier today the prayers of millions were answered as Ubisoft announced a return for the hugely popular turn-based strategy franchise with Might & Magic Heroes VII. Returning players to the very foundations of the turn-based genre, Ubisoft and Limbic Gaming hope to deliver one of the best experiences in the Might & Magic franchise to date.

The team have vowed to respect the long-standing traditions of the franchise while carefully implementing new innovative features to make Might & Magic VII a truly unique addition to the franchise. Might & Magic Heroes VII will launch exclusively on PC sometime in 2015.

New Tracks Revealed For Just Dance 2015

Just Dance continues to dominate the world as the most popular dance game franchise and that dominance is set to continue with Just Dance 2015 following an exciting list of new tracks that will be joining the game at release.

Big hits from even bigger names will be available including Miley Cyrus, One Direction and Becky G – each adding to the already hugely impressive list of tracks and artists.

The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria Closed Beta Announced

Last but not least Ubisoft and Blue Byte announced the expected dates for closed beta for the next installment in the critically acclaimed Settlers franchise, The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria. Offering players the opportunity to explore a cooperative adventure supported by challenging, persistent city building and management with a comprehensive trading system.

Germany will be the first to get access as the closed beta event begins next Wednesday, August 20th, while the international English client will not be available until September 16th.

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