Gears Of War Triple Pack

Gears Of War Triple Pack


Revert the calendar to 2006. Xbox Live was still in its infant stage, Halo 2 was multiplayer king, and as far as the gaming world was concerned, nothing would ever cause its secession. All that changed on November 7th, when Gears of War, one of the most hyped games of the decade, graced – and was subsequently emptied from – store shelves. Before so much as an afternoon had passed, the original Gears had managed to become the single most played game on Live (holding the position until Halo 3 overtook the throne in 2007) and was the first Xbox or Xbox 360 game to obtain mention on Japan’s top ten sales charts. With the final segment in the trilogy set to unveil in Fall 2011, Epic Games has let loose from their gun-laden goodie bag a treat so delectable that it’d be a travesty for anyone to miss it: The Gears of War Triple Pack.

Available as of February 15th, the Gears of War Triple Pack acts as a culminating point for all past aspects of the Gears universe. Included for the price of $29.99 are the first two chapters (Gears of War and Gears of War 2) of the three game storyline, 19 bonus multiplayer maps, and the Gears of War 2 campaign mission “Road to Ruin”, which had originally been stricken from the storyline. Going to any used game store and attempting to make the same purchase for such an astoundingly low price would net nothing but a chuckle from the clerk, and fewer greenbacks in your wallet. Considering the value of what’s being offered, Epic Games has impressively created a no-brainer deal for anyone who doesn’t already own these magnificent gems.

Also debuting this month from Epic is Bulletstorm (2/22/11), a raunchy, no apologies type of shooter intent on bringing the fun back into FPS games. On top of its superb gameplay, perfectly complementing cast, and more crude humor than a stand up comedian could hurl, is guaranteed access to the Gears of War 3 beta. At present, this is the only known way to attain entrance into the beta.

The Triple Pack is to Gears of War what The Orange Box was to Half-Life 2: an amazing deal on a bundled group of unequaled games. This is a fantastic way for Epic Games to jump start 2011, and make it the best year for gaming yet. Just like Augustus “Cole Train” Cole, Epic is reminding the world that there’s no stopping, or slowing them down.

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