George RR Martin Talks Elden Ring in New Interview

A recent interview with author George RR Martin sheds more insight into the world of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco’s Elden Ring.

Martin stated that though he has played games in the past, he is not a huge video gamer. His work on the game was done years ago, stating that games take a while to develop. The development team wanted a world to set the game in, letting Martin step in with the worldbuilding aspect.

You can watch the interview segment below (courtesy of Aegon Targaryen):

George RR Martin on Elden Ring

Elden Ring will allow players to create their own protagonist as they explore its open world with mechanics like its horseback riding. A number of dungeon-like ruins are in place, and composer Yuka Kitamura was brought on to write the soundtrack.

The game will come out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on January 21, 2022.

Source: YouTube
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