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Getting Ready For Diablo III

Diablo III launch prep

In a new blog post on Blizzard it outlines the best way to get ready for the much anticipated Diablo III. Including some info that you can find on the blog, this is how I am personally getting ready for this awesome game.

Step 1: Watch Awesome Trailers


Step 2: Check Out Character Line Up:

Many of you have already checked out the character types and skills during the beta period, but if you haven’t here is a list of trailers for each type of character.

Step 3: Purchase The Game:

Seems like an easy enough step but pre-purchasing the game initially digitally can make a huge difference as to when you can actually get into the servers. Digital Copies of the game are available on Blizzard’s website through battle log and will ensure quick entry into the game. Hard copies can be purchased nearly anywhere video games are sold including through Best Buy and Gamestop. Unfortunately if you are looking for the Collectors Edition Blizzard has basically stated good luck. Copies were printed in limited quantities and are very hard to come by.

Step 4:Create Your Battle Tag:

Creating a battle tag and ensuring that you have your account ready is a great way to get started. Fumbling through account creation can be frustrating when you want to get a game started. Check out the website for Battle Net to make sure you are all squared away before picking up your hard copy at Midnight on Monday May 14th.

Step 5: Regional Launch Times & Events:

Midnight launch events are sure to be all over the place. According to the blog servers are going online at 12:01 a.m PDT, May 15th. Make sure all the accounts are set up for this time.

Step 6: Digital Presale Download:

One thing that is an advantage of buying the game digitally through Battle Net is the ability to install the game early. People who bought the year contract with WoW or have purchased the game digitally can get ahead of the line of others to make sure that there is no problems with installing the game. Make sure to start on this earlier rather than later so that all that may be necessary before launch is updating and patches.

Step 7: Early Install:

Blizzard will be opening up the installer early at 8:01 a.m. PDT on May 14th. Having the game installed will get some of the harder stuff out of the way so you can enjoy Diablo III as soon as the servers are opened. Blizzard also has announced that they have teams dedicated to troubleshooting problems with the installer as well as patch work.

Step 8: Global Play Launch Time:

Global play allows players all across the world to connect and play together. Global Play will launch after the game is released in all time zones so it will not be up and running in a lot of areas till hours after the midnight release in their local area. For more information on global play you can find it in the intro for Diablo III Global Play.

Step 9: Launch Night Login:

People will be waiting to login when the servers go live so be patient. The good news about this is Blizzard is boasting only a 40 second wait time at most for people. Anyone that played the beta knows that this personale the case. Blizzard is stocking up on personnel to watch this happen at try to make connecting easy and efficient for users. They plan on posting information on in game news windows and forums.

I personally am also adding an extra couple steps of picking up amazing pizza and energy drinks. Are you guys excited for Diablo III? Are you doing anything else to prepare for the game?

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