Gifts for All Available in Red Dead Online

A Special Bundle of offers and rewards can be yours in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online this week.

Those that log in by February 15 will be able to net themselves Rewards for 5,000 Club XP, a free Horse (under Rank 40), a free Stable Slot, two free Ability Cards, a free Hat (Rank 15 and under), a free Shirt (Rank 15 and under), a free Coat, and a free Fast Travel Voucher. Also included is High Velocity Ammo for all gun types, Horse Reviver, and a variety of select Tonics and other consumables.

All recent players from between December 1 to February 15 can get themselves 50% off any Weapon, 40% off any Non-Role Pamphlet from a Fence, and 30% off anything of their choosing from Wilderness Outfitters.

Note that gifts will be delivered within 72 hours of playing the game.

This week’s Featured Series is a Hardcore version of Head for the Hills, which deprives opponents of the use of Ability Cards. No matter which side you choose, players will be able to earn Double XP when playing this week.

All Traders that play Red Dead Online in the next seven days will receive a Reward good for 25 free Trader Goods. In addition, all Trader Sell Missions will dish out a 50% RDO$ bonus during the same time period. Those that complete two Sell Missions before February 8 can net themselves an Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Trader Role Item.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue will see a number of limited-time clothing additions. Added to their collection is the Morning Tailcoat, the Charro Jacket, the Benbow Jacket, the Concho Pants, the Manteca Hat, the Cossack Hat, Woodland Gloves, Calhoun Boots, and the Ortega Vest.

Players will be able to take 5 Gold Bars off the cost of the Butcher’s Table and can waive the cost of moving Camp all this week. Wilderness Outfitters will also offer 40% off Camp Themes, Camp Dogs, Camp Flags, and Cripps’ Outfits. On top of that, players can take 40% off the Hunting Wagon, Medium and Large Delivery Wagons, along with 30% off all Work Horses and Rifles.

Finally, Red Dead Online players that connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account will receive Rewards for a free Bounty Hunter License and an Award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery. Players who connect to Prime Gaming before February 15 will receive Offers for half off the LeMat Revolver and a Poncho of your choice, an Offer for a free Off-Hand Holster, and 100 rounds each of High Velocity and Explosive Revolver Cartridges.

Source: Press Release
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