Gigantic: Rampage Edition Now Available

Arc Games (formerly Gearbox Publishing San Francisco) and Abstraction Games have released Gigantic: Rampage Edition, the premium and definitive release of Motiga’s original 5v5 MOBA hero shooter.

Gigantic: Rampage Edition brings with it team-based multiplayer gameplay with 25 playable heroes in all. Each one possesses their own set of upgradeable abilities, and players can team up with four others to control objectives and take down the opposing team’s Guardian.

All content from the original game has been included, with Gigantic: Rampage Edition introducing crossplay support, new heroes, a new game mode, new maps, along with upgraded content and several gameplay improvements with zero microtransactions.

Learn more with the Gigantic: Rampage Edition launch trailer below:

Gigantic: Rampage Edition Launch Trailer

Yoon Im, CEO of Arc Games, said the following:

“We’re thrilled to bring back Gigantic with the incredible support of Abstraction Games as they made Gigantic bigger and better than ever in Gigantic: Rampage Edition,” said. “With Rampage Edition, Abstraction was able to achieve keeping the spirit of the original game but improve on it in so many ways, from removing microtransactions completely, adding in new features like crossplay support, and more content making it the definitive version of Gigantic that fans of the original have wanted for years. We’d like to thank all the fans for all of their support, and we’re excited for new players to jump into Gigantic for the first time – see you all on the airship!”

Yoon Im

Bart Vossen, Senior Game Designer at Abstraction Games, added:

“All of us at Abstraction Games are super excited for everyone to finally jump into Gigantic: Rampage Edition. Since the game’s announcement, we’ve been blown away by everyone’s excitement and the support they’ve given us for helping bring back Gigantic. This has been a passion project for all of us at Abstraction, and it’s an honor to bring back Motiga’s work. Thus, we’ve been hard at work making the best version of Gigantic possible for both fans of the original and newcomers to the world of Gigantic, so the support we’ve received from fans really means the world to us. Whether you’re new to Gigantic or you’ve played thousands of matches in the original, we’re thrilled all players can jump in and see all of the new content and improvements we’ve worked on to create this definitive edition of Gigantic! I hope to see you on the airship!”

Bart Vossen

Source: Press Release

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