Golden Spirit Bear Sighting Mission This Week in Red Dead Online

The Golden Spirit Bear has made its debut in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online’s latest Legendary Animal Sighting Mission this week.

Making its home in Big Valley, the massive Golden Spirit Bear is known for its thick, golden-blonde coat. To get things underway, talk to Harriet to launch the Sighting Mission. Those that sample or kill this animal will receive an Offer for 50% off an Established or Higher Naturalist Item. Alternatively, those that bring its pelt back to Gus’ Trapper Store can get themselves a lush, custom coat that is made of the bear’s fur.

The latest Vitalism Studies Pamphlet will allow players to start gathering Harrietum Officinalis to complete your transformation into a wild boar.

With the opportunity to earn all the rewards from the latest Wheeler Rawson & Co. Club and The Outlaw Pass No. 3 have to offer winding down, all players will receive 5,000 Club XP simply by playing Red Dead Online from now to October 12.

All this week, players can net themselves twice the usual XP from Role Missions. This includes all Bounties, Trader and Moonshiner Sell Missions, Moonshiner Story and Bootlegger Missions, and Poaching and Naturalist Sighting Missions. Free Roam Events, Showdowns, Races, A Land of Opportunities and Free Roam Missions will also dole out double XP until October 12.

All would-be Naturalists will be able to take 5 Gold Bars off the price of Harriet’s Animal Field Guide and 40% off all Naturalist Role Items this week. Those visiting Gus’ store for Trinkets can take 30% off the cost of assembly.

Finally, Red Dead Online players that have connected their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account will receive Rewards for the following:

  • 5 Free Legendary Animal Pheromones
  • 6,000 Naturalist XP
  • A free Wilderness Camp
  • A Free Katata Coat crafted from the Legendary Katata Elk hide

Prime Gaming members will also receive Rewards for an Accessory or Emote of their choice, a free Bar Theme and Outfit, plus 6,000 Club XP and 10X each of Gin, Brandy, Rum, Baked Beans and Jolly Jack’s through October 12.

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