Granblue Fantasy: Versus Gets Villains Trailer

Get acquainted with the villains coming to XSEED Games, CyGames, and Arc System Works’ fighter Granblue Fantasy: Versus with the latest trailer for the game.

The trailer, which can be seen below, puts the spotlight on Belial and Chaos Bringer. Belial calls himself a fallen angel, and is the original primal beast that used to work directly beneath Lucilius. Chaos Bringer, on the other hand, is one of the of the Astrals that invaded the Sky Realm thousands of years ago that was released from Pandemonium by Belial.

See them both in action below:

Other characters set to come to the game are Narmaya, Soriz, and Djeeta. The game will come out for the PlayStation 4 in 2020.

Source: YouTube
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