GRID Autosport Announced

Codemasters has announced that a new GRID game is coming June 24th of this year and it will be called GRID Autosport. Codemasters, known for it’s work in a plethora of racing games including the GRID, DIRT and F1 racing titles. The new game will focus on different types of races and will put players on long run endurance races along side traditional track races and free for all street races. With multiple different types of races comes also multiple different types of cars. The game will feature Touring Cars, Endurance GT Cars, Open Wheel Modified Cars, Single-Seaters, Drift Cars, Hypercars and more.

From the sounds of the announcement, Codemasters is doing a lot more with the community of the Grid racing games to keep people interested and to shape the racing scene along with professionals at AUTOSPORT Magazine. Multiplayer races will have new challenges and new content every week from the community and in the RaceNet Racing clubs. These clubs are clan-style teams that players can join to compete against other groups. Other multiplayer modes will be available at launch including a Demolition Derby mode and split-screen local competition.

For the hardcore crowd on PC, GRID Autosport will be extremely scalable allowing for 4K texture packs while at the same time being optimized to run smoothly on more modest rigs. To make sure that the PC port runs well Codemasters has teamed up with people at Intel. There is even talk of Intel tablets being able to run the AAA console quality game on the size of a smaller tablet while suffering very little in the loss of quality.

GRID Autosport will be launching June 24th this year in the US on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on steam with nothing announced for the PS4 and Xbox One. To find out more on GRID, make sure to keep checking back to Gamers Heroes for all of your gaming news and adventures.

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