GRID Legends Gameplay Revealed

Take a look at world-exclusive gameplay, details and insight for Codemasters and Electronic Arts’ GRID Legends with the latest feature for the game.

Creative Director Chris Smith is joined by Chris Groves from the Social & Community team as they walk through GRID Legends’ new locations, cars, event types, and other features. The duo also talks about how they have set out to deliver on its action-packed brand of motorsport, along with how players can now have complete control over its action.

You can watch it below:

GRID Legends | WORLD-FIRST Gameplay & More Revealed!

GRID Legends will offer more than 130 different tracks, including locales like San Francisco, Paris, London, and Moscow. More than 100 vehicles will also be included, running the gamut from touring cars, semi-trailer truck, open-wheel car, stadium trucks, drift cars, and even electric vehicles.

The game will launch for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, along with Steam and Origin on February 25. Those that pre-order the title can get access to exclusive add-ons like extra cars.

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