GRO releases in April as Ghost Recon Phantoms


The former Ghost Recon Online will release on April 10 with a new title: ‘Ghost Recon Phantoms’. The free-to-play game has been in open beta for some time now and is widely regarded one of the most innovative F2P multiplayer shooters currently out there. According to producer Corey Facteau over five million people have signed in to the beta, giving their feedback, making the title what it is today.

The change in name was done to give the game a fresh identity. “The end of open beta is a new start to the game”, says Facteau. The game basically centers around team deathmatch with great tactical involvement and a near-futuristic setting. The players choose between three classes (Recon, Specialist, Assault), which all level up separately and are highly customizable. The ‘Recon’ e.g. can be played as a support sniper, with radar and sniper rifle, or as an infiltrator, with MP and cloaking ability.

With the official start of the game on April 10, some positive changes will be made. Designs of the three classes are updated, to give the game a new art direction. Speaking of art, the maps get enhanced as well. Shadows, ambient lighting and textures will all receive an overhaul. Accounts, with all the gear purchased and experience gained, will be transitioned smoothly into the end-game.

The matchmaking system is revamped as well. New players shouldn’t be overrun by beta-veterans. This will be done by assessing the level and the equipped gear of the character. Facteau says that they will continue “to improve what makes the game unique: the blending of intense shooters with the teamwork and tactical depth of MOBAs.”

After the release, GRP will get further updates regularly. For anyone getting out the pay-to-win whip: gear can be bought with real money, but only if the player has the required level to use it in the first place. XP boosters are available for real money though. Getting a new high-powered weapon in end-game, without paying, takes about 6-10 hours, maybe less, depending on the players’ skill.

Blaine Smith

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