GTA Online Freemode Challenges and Events Granting 2X GTA$ and RP This Week

All those that dive into Rockstar Games’ GTA Online will be able to get themselves Double GTA$ and RP on Freemode Challenges and Events and Sumo (Remix).

If these perks aren’t enough, players can also get themselves Triple GTA$ and RP on Buried Stashes, Shipwrecks, and the Community Series. Meanwhile, those looking to line their pockets can get themeselves a cool GTA$100,000 for creating a Job in the Creator during this same time period.

When it comes to Salvage Yard Robbery Targets, players can seek out The Albany Cavalcade XL (SUV), Grotti GT500 (Sports Classic), and Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio (Sports) this week.

For those who have reached Reputation Level 20, they’ll be able to take advantage of a free LS Car Meet Takeover.

When it comes to Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom Vehicles, players can check out The Gallivanter Baller LE (SUV), LCC Innovation (Motorcycle), Benefactor XLS (SUV), Canis Kalahari (Off-Road), and Western Zombie Bobber (Motorcycle). Meanwhile, Luxury Autos Showroom Vehicles include The Albany Cavalcade XL and Fathom FR36.

For the skilled among us, those that win an LS Car Meet Series race a consecutive two days can get themselves the Western Rampant Rocket (Motorcycle). Meanwhile, LS Car Meet Test Rides include The Överflöd Entity XF (Super), Progen GP1 (Super), and Albany Alpha (Sports). If that’s not enough, the HSW Premium Test Ride in GTA Online this week is the Bravado Buffalo EVX (Muscle, 30% off).

Make sure to spin the Lucky Wheel this week in GTA Online as well; this week’s top prize is The Vapid Slamtruck (Utility).

Note that this week brings with it a  free Obey 8F Drafter (Sports); all you need to do to claim it is head to the Legendary Motorsport in-game website from now through April 3.

When it comes to vehicle discounts, players can take advantage of 30% off the Mammoth F-160 Raiju (Plane), BF Ramp Buggy (Off-Road), Bravado Buffalo EVX (Muscle), and Declasse Granger 3600LX (SUV). Meanwhile, gun van discounts include 40% off the Combat Pistol and 50% off the Railgun for GTA+ Members.

Finally, speaking of GTA+ Members, they can get themselves access to both Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare – both of which are available in the GTA+ library. This is on top of a free Pfister 811 (Super) at the Vinewood Car Club Showroom, and 1.5X GTA$ and RP on Original Heist Finales.

Source: Press Release

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