Halloween Coming to Red Dead Online

Celebrate Halloween in Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online with a scary new addition to its Showdown Mode, a corrupt Legendary Bounty, and a variant of the Freak Mask.

New to Red Dead Online’s Showdown Modes is Fear of the Dark. In this mode, supernaturally tough, fast and strong Night Stalkers face off against mortal Hunter counterparts. However, there’s a catch – the Night Stalkers’ powers are tied to the skull masks strewn about. The more masks collected, the weaker the Night Stalkers become and the stronger the Hunters’ own weapons grow.

Players will be able to jump into this mode from now through November 12, and can get themselves 3X Gold and 2X RDO$ through November 3. All those who win a round will receive an exclusive tint of the Freak Mask.

The lastest Legendary Bounty to grace Red Dead Online is the former mayor Tobin Winfield, who is guilty of years of embezzlement. All those looking to take him down best check around Thieves’ Landing.

New to the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue is the Tobacco Hat, the Thacker Hat, the Torranca Coat, the Manstilla Poncho, the Creswell Skirt, the Sierra Boots, and the Pickett Boots. Collectors will also be able to get themselves a stipend from Madam Nazar by tracking down a new Weekly Collectible List, the Witch Hunt Collection, consisting of the Cardinal Flower, Vulture Egg and Splintered Arrowhead.

Bonus-wise, players will be able to take 30% off all Machetes, Cleavers, Tomahawks and Throwing Knives.

For those looking for a new mask, Licensed Bounty Hunters can get an exclusive variant of the Creature Mask, Traders can get an exclusive Swine Mask, and Collectors can an exclusive Masquerade Mask for free. Note that those who achieve Tiers 10 and 20 of the Outlaw Pass can look forward to free and exclusive versions of the Freak Mask (Tier 10) and Horror Mask (Tier 20). Make sure to get them sooner rather than later though – these masks and the haunting collection are only available through November 3.

Finally, PlayStation Plus players have until November 4 to get an exclusive colorway of the Killiman Vest. All Red Dead Online players that connect their Social Club account with Twitch Prime can get themselves the Bounty Hunter license for free and an extra 10% off the melee weapon discounts previously listed.

Source: Press Release

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