Halloween Week Coming to Red Dead Online

All Hallows’ Eve is coming to Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online, bringing with it tricks, treats, and the Halloween Pass 2.

Players will be able to get in the holiday spirit with Double RDO$, Gold, and XP on All Hallows’ Call to Arms modes. This is on top of Double RDO$ and XP on the Dead of Night feature series. A new All Hallows’ Call to Arms mode is also available, while players can get a free Ability Card for completing Dead of Night.

When it comes to the Halloween Pass 2 (releasing October 28), one can get themselves a sizable 2,000 Club XP to redeem on the Halloween Pass 2 for surviving to the tenth wave of any All Hallows’ Call to Arms mode. A Free Stable Slot and a select Shirt will also be available for all Halloween Pass 2 owners.

Make sure to visit Madame Nazar this week; she has a limited time collection of Masks, including the Slaughter Mask, Creature Mask, Horror Mask, Swing Mask, Free Mask, and Masquerade Mask. Logging in has its perks too – players can get themselves 10 free Snowberger Candies and 5 free Chocolate Bars this week.

Discount-wise, players can take 50% off Haircuts, Dentistry, and Makeup, 40% off Gun Belts and Melee Weapons, 35% off all Role Outfits, 30% off all Emotes and everything at Gus’ Store, 5 Gold Bars off the Bandit Mask.

Finally, Red Dead Online players that connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account by November 22 can get a Reward for a free Accessory and an Offer for 50% off a Non-Role Multi Horse.

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