Hardcore Mode In Dead Space 2

Hardcore Mode In Dead Space 2

In Dead Space it was impossible mode. In Dead Space 2 it is Hardcore mode and it will test your skills against the Necromorphs hordes in more then one way.

So naturally when I saw the last difficulty being Hardcore Mode in dead Space 2 I just assumed it was a very hard mode. Well It is extremely hard and here are the reasons why. No check points. That’s right you die that’s it you got back to your last save. Oh well I’ll just save a lot, Wrong. You are limited to 3 saves a game. Pick wrong and it could screw you over in the long run but wait to long and your stuck starting completely over. Trust me this can take you a long ways back. Playing smart is key here. Also for the most part its a one hit kill so you really have to watch your step and plan your shots. I’m trying it right now and its brutal.

So there you have it Hardcore Mode in dead Space 2. Beating this will make you on of the more elite survival horror players of this generation.

Johnny Hurricane

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