Hawken Reborn Coming to PC Early Access May 17

High-octane mech combat will return when 505 Games’ Hawken Reborn comes to PC Early Access May 17.

Set on the world of Illal, this grim dystopian planet is driven by corporate corruption and is home to a nanite plague known as the “Giga.” In this brave new world, players will set out to become a mercenary pilot as they pit their mech against any and all dangers.

Featuring Player vs Environment (PVE) gameplay, Hawken Reborn throws players into moment-to-moment combat with highly mobile combat machines that are each equipped with deadly weapons. Players will also be able to take on special Radio Missions Patrolling to earn scrip and resources to upgrade one’s Mech.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Hawken Reborn – Reveal Trailer

All those interested can add the game to their Steam wishlist here.

Source: Steam, YouTube
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