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Hercules Gets A Makeover And Xbalanque Celebrates The World Cup In SMITE

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Hi-Rez Studios, developers of critically acclaimed MMO games such as Tribes: Ascend and Global Agenda, revealed some exciting content arriving with the next update to the increasingly popular free-to-play MOBA, SMITE. In a continual effort to improve the older God’s and bring them onto par with newly released ones, the developers felt it fit to pluck Hercules from his god-like domain and give him a complete makeover.

The new look Hercules returns to the SMITE battlefield with the same abilities and prowess as he had previously, but now with a far more rugged look. Check out that manly chin! In true SMITE tradition Hi-Rez Studios also released a new God reveal video for the Greek legend, offering additional insight into his background and some rather nifty advice on how best to use his abilities on the battlefield.

We’re just days away from the most exciting event in all of sports. An event that brings the entire globe together and appears to have even got Xbalanque in the mood as the Hidden Jaguar Sun dons his shorts and grabs his cleats for two exciting, limited edition skins. Players will get set back 400 Gems if they want to purchase the new threads for Xbalanque but the second skin, and a unique skin for Wards, will be added for free as a little incentive. You can check out the new Xbalanque skins in all their glory below.

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