Here’s A Recap What Will Be Out On The Nintendo eShop Within The Next Few Days

Fire Emblem Warriors

Through a vivacious press release, Nintendo has informed us that Fire Emblem Warriors and Just Dance 2018 will be out on Oct. 20 and 24, respectively, on the Nintendo eShop.

Moreover, Nintendo has already a season pass for Fire Emblem Warriors that will be available for purchase on release day for $19.99. The Fire Emblem Warriors season pass will net you three new playable characters, three new stories, new weapons, new conversations, and new costumes – if you ever want to see Lucina in a bridal dress, then you will have to fork over for the season pass (bummer). The season pass can be purchased for either the Switch and Nintendo 3DS. You may also purchase the packs separately for $8.99 a piece.

Additionally, the following games are – or will be – available for the Nintendo eShop:

Jydge – out now for Switch

The Mummy Demastered – October 24 for Switch

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 – out now for Switch

Spelunker Party – out for Switch

ACA NEOGEO ROBO ARMY – out now for Switch

Revenant Saga – out now for Switch

Party Golf – out now for Switch

Syberia – October 24 for Switch

Knight Terrors – October 24 for Switch

This Is the Police – October 24 for Switch

Elliot Quest – out now for Switch

Super Ping Pong Trick Shot – out now for Switch

The Count Lucanor – out now for Switch

GALAXY BLASTER CODE RED – out now for Switch

Just Dance 2018 – October 24 for Wii U

Finally, Super Mario Gala– err, Odyssey will be out next week as well on October 27th. That being said, 2017 is not over yet.

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