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We’re not in the habit of promoting products on Gamers Heroes but once in a while something comes through that catches our eye. Founded by U.S. Army Combat Veteran Jacob McShea and his brother Zachary McShea in June 2014, HeroCrate is an heroic alternative to the Loot Crate mystery box that celebrates famous heroes from comics, pop culture, TV, video-games and movies.

“My brother and I came up with the idea and wanted to do something different. We wanted to focus an entire box on one character rather than a general theme for each month,” said Jacob McShea, Founder and CEO of HeroCrate. “We have always been drawn to hero characters and wanted something to highlight our favorites while encouraging our community with the message that we ALL have the potential to be heroes. Using our motto ‘Defend Your Inner Hero,’ we moved forward on the idea and took to social media to build awareness. The results and positive response have been humbling.”

The team recently announced the upcoming release of the fourth mystery box since the public launch of HeroCrate, expected to ship in early November. We’ve been told that the next box of heroic goodies will feature a classic video-game hero that we’re all sure to recognize, but it’s all very hush hush. Previous months saw hugely popular heroic figures arise from these wee boxes of bliss with the likes of Batman, Hulk and Yoda joining the HeroCrate ranks.

HeroCrate hopes to distinguish itself from other mystery package providing services *cough* Lootcrate *cough* via a subscription-free monthly packaged themed around a new heroic icon every month, with the occasional hint on the next character to whet your appetite. Every HeroCrate costs $29.99 with free shipping and includes 4-6 pieces of merchandise related to the hero for that specific month. It’s also the only mystery crate of its kind to guarantee a t-shirt with every purchase.

A Super HeroCrate is also given away each month, featuring epic contents valued at over $400. The guys at HeroCrate have teamed up with some of the biggest gaming brands in the industry today, promising to deliver new and exciting Super HeroCrate’s month in, month out.

  • NVIDIA SHIELD Gaming Portable
  • Elgato Game Capture HD
  • Console Wars (Hardcover Edition) – by Blake J. Harris
  • Build-On Brick Mug (A ThinkGeek Creation)
  • HeroCrate Mystery Gift
  • Alterna Originals Trading Card Packs

For more information on HeroCrate check out the official website and their Facebook page.

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