Highrise City Sim Builder Available In Early Access Today

Independent developer FourExo Entertainment today announced that its highly anticipated city building economy sim, Highrise City, is now available to purchase and play under Steam’s Early Access program and Good Old Games (GOG). Accompanying the release is a brand new trailer showcasing humongous cities and a variety of the games features.

The concept of Highrise City began eight years ago as FourExo Entertainment set out a plan to combine a deep city builder with a complex simulation of a realistic economy. Steam’s Early Access release offers players the first opportunity to dive in, offering “countless hours of play”.

Highrise City Sim Builder Available In Early Access Today

Players can now jump in and focus on creating new cities in New York, Capetown, and Rio, combining the construction of huge skyscrapers with the managing of complex product chains.

Highrise City can be purchased on Steam or Good Old Games, both priced at $24.99 with a 15% discount for launch. Additionally, Gerrit Wolf’s accompanying soundtrack can be purchased for $9.99.

Source: Press Release
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