Horizon Forbidden West Gets State of Play Gameplay Reveal

During today’s State of Play, Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios released a gameplay reveal for their title Horizon Forbidden West.

Game Director Mathijs De Jonge took the spotlight before and after this segment, stating that the team behind this ambitious new project has made great progress. During his gameplay deep dive, he stated that players will have to be smart and creative, utilizing all of their different combat options to deal with the deadly machines of its world. Threats include snapmaws in the water, snapwings in the sky, and clawstriders and tremortusks on land.

Mahijs is joined by Narrative Director Ben McCaw, who talks a bit more of this title’s world. Set 1,000 years in Earth’s future after a global catastrophe. This new Forbidden West is faced with a strange red blight that is spreading across the land, with Aloy being the only one who can stop it. With players taking control of this heroine, they must traverse the ruins of the Old World to find the technology needed to solve it all.

You can view footage of the game below, which was captured on the PlayStation 5 and features a mixture of gameplay and in-game cinematics:

Horizon Forbidden West – State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5

Horizon Forbidden West is a PlayStation exclusive, and will come out for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Source: Press Release
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