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Horizon Zero Dawn Steals The Show With New E3 Trailer

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Arguably the best showing at Sony’s press conference was the new Horizon Zero Dawn demo. Showing off combat, exploration, some crafting and even the mounting system, Horizon Zero Dawn is shaping up to be quite an ambitious project. Come check out the new trailer and get more details here!

Here is the demo they showed off at E3 2016.

In the demo you get to see a little bit of the village. Aloy doesn’t spend much time here because she is told about a demon in the wilds and she wants to kill it. She rushes out to the wilderness and starts her hunt. First she brings down what basically look like cargo creatures to get some crafting loot. When she is done there she progresses until she runs into another human being chases by a beast. The Human tells her about the Demon but that isn’t the important part. The demo would leave us to believe there will be dialogue choices for certain people in the game. when she is done talking we get a brief glance at the map, which looks pretty big, and then she is off again.

The next part is pretty cool. She wants to use one of the mechanical beasts as a mount so she traps it and then mounts it. It is an interesting way to get a ride but it also works. Lastly she goes and faces off with the “Demon” in a pretty epic combat bout. All in all this game is looking to be shaping up quite nicely.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches February 28, 2017 on the PlayStation 4.

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