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Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 09/22/2013

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If, like the rest of the gaming world you’re struggling from an overdose of junk food and sleep deprivation this week, Gamers Heroes have the remedy. We’ve collected the hottest gaming news from the around the web this week. This week was one of the most memorable in gaming history thanks to the massively successful launch of Grand Theft Auto V but now Rockstars critically acclaimed open-world title is out of the way, what have we got left to look forward to?

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 09/22/2013
Game/Company Headline
Grand Theft Auto V No Plans For PlayStation 4 Release
PlayStation 4 sony’s Next-Gen Console Will Allow 4 Profiles At A Time
GameStop Gamers Complain After GameStop Reviewer Offers Opinion In GTAV Review
Grand Theft Auto V Fastest Selling Game In History
GameStop Disgruntled Customer VS Rude Store Manager. FIGHT!
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag New Multiplayer Trailer Released

No Plans For Grand Theft Auto V On The PlayStation 4

Grand Theft Auto V News
Dan Houser of Rockstar recently stated that although the company are excited about the prospect of new hardware, they currently don’t have any plans to release Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 4. This appears to have come as quite the surprise to many gamers that expected a PlayStation 4 release would be more likely than the highly requested PC release.

Whether or not we’ll see Grand Theft Auto V expand onto other platforms is yet to be seen but it’s not like there’s a lack of interest. It’s the highest rated game in history on MetaCritic and the general response from critics and gamers is overwhelmingly positive.

PlayStation 4 Will Support 4 Profiles At Once

The most up-to-date PlayStation 4 News
During a recent interview with GamerNo SCEE Boss Jim Ryan revealed that up to 4 simultaneous profiles will be supported for Sony’s next-generation console, the PlayStation 4. Much like the current feature supported by the Xbox 360, PlayStation fans will finally have the opportunity to use their profiles, achievements and saved files when playing away from home.

If you’ve ever had to endure losing your classes and setups on titles like Call of Duty, that kind of problem will be a thing of the past as up to 4 players can use their profiles at any one time. Great news for us social gamers.

Community Calls For GameStop Writers Head On A Plate

Grand Theft Auto V News
GameStop are currently recovering after a slew of comments attacked one of their review writers, Carolyn Petit. Carolyn wrote her review of Grand Theft Auto V, awarding it with a highly respectable 9.0, but that’s not what gamers are unhappy about. Many have called to GameStop requesting that Carolyn should be fired due to her giving her opinion in the review.

That’s right. The reviewer offered an opinion on the article they were reviewing and is being criticized for doing so. Carolyn touched on her perspective of misogyny during her adventures in San Andreas. Whether you agree or disagree is not the point here. She offered an opinion in an opinion-based article and now she’s getting hounded for it. More on that story here.

Grand Theft Auto V Is The Fastest Selling Game In History

Grand Theft Auto V News
Captain Camper scored Grand Theft Auto V a hugely impressive 10/10 and it seems the gaming community tends to agree. Rockstar have announced that in just 3 days, Grand Theft Auto V has grossed $1 billion in sales. Grand Theft Auto V also grossed $800m on just the first day of launch, selling in excess of 1.57 million units in under 24 hours.

Not only is that amazing but it also beat Call of Duty: Black Ops, showing that the gaming industry craves more than just the FPS experience. Grand Theft Auto V is one hell of an experience and we cannot wait until Grand Theft Auto Online.

GameStop Antics During GTA Midnight Launch Hit The Web

A new video has surfaced that shows a customer in GameStop arguing with a customer service representative after the individual was asked for ID before purchasing Grand Theft Auto V. I can relate to the mans disbelief as despite having more gray hairs than Leslie Nelson, I still get asked for ID to enter the movies.

However, he didn’t handle it very well and neither did the employee, threatening to give his contact information to other customers. It’s unlikely they’ll be any backlash for the employee, although it’s probably safe to say the individual won’t be shopping there again in future.

Ubisoft Release New Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag Multiplayer Trailer

Earlier this week Ubisoft released an exciting new video for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag. This is the first video to offer a serious look at the games multiplayer features, an aspect that has dramatically increased in popularity since the games official reveal.

However, don’t take my word for it. Watch the video above and post your opinion in the comment section below.

Latest Gaming News Bursts

As well as featuring the biggest stories of each week Gamers Heroes also include the latest hottest gaming news for lesser known games and topics. Check below for this weeks news burst.

  • Sony plans to sell 5 million copies of the PlayStation 4 by March 2014. More on that story here.
  • Crave Online reports that Grand Theft Auto V attracts 2 million Tweets in just under 24 hours.
  • The snap-screen feature of the Xbox One will allow PlayStation 4 players to play both consoles at the same time. More information on there here.
  • Peter Molynuex, the creator of Fable, appears to have a dose of the green eyed monster as he calls GTA V’s initial sales “unimpressive. That interview is here.
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