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Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 10/06/2013

Hot Gaming News
This week has been full of ups and downs, but the gaming industry goes on and on. Some serious figure heads unfortunately passed away this week and will be missed. On a more upbeat news there was a Nintendo Direct and plenty of good feelings around Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. For any past weeks news, make sure to check out our past weekly news updates.

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 10/06/2013
Game/Company Headline
Nintendo Former President Passes
Hearthstone Beta Wipe
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Physical Copy Released
Smite New Character
Ubisoft Tom Clancy Passes
Super Mario 3D World New Trailer
GTA V Online Launches with Issues
Pikmin 3 New Update and DLC Available

Former Nintendo President Passes at 85

Former President of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamuchi, unfortunately has passed about a week ago. Fond memories of how he has affected the video game industry including being credited for saving the modern video game console industry can be found all across the world. Our thoughts and hearts go out to anyone that knew him and thank him for all that he has done for video games.

Hearthstone Beta Wipe

Hearthstone, the free-2-play card battle game from Blizzard is undergoing a beta wipe this week. All progress, cards, gold and arcane dust will be reset. For all of the people that used real life money and earned cards they will be given the gold equivalent of money and cards earned in the game.

There also will be a ton of balancing done for the game. The community has been quite a roar about balancing some cards and some of the heroes powers especially the Rogue character. For a full list of everything going down in the beta wipe you can check out the Blizzard blog post about it. Also there is no word quite yet on the open beta, but make sure to check back for more info on that.

Wind Waker HD Available Physically Now

For everyone that has a Wii U (which isn’t very many unfortunatly) The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD is now available in disk form. Nintendo originally launched the game digitally, but has now released the physically copy of the game alongside the Wii U Wind Waker Bundle.


For those lucky enough to pre-order the special edition for $10 more the copy came with an amazingly cool(objectively of course) Ganondorf statue. Nintendo seems to be playing really close to the nastalgia base lately. No sales numbers are out yet, but if any are reported we will make sure to track them down. Look for a review and other Wind Waker related content soon!

Mercury Heads to Smite

Mercury has been added to the roster of Smite. Smite, a free to play game that is a favorite around Gamers Heroes, features gods facing off in a MOBA battlefield. As with all gods there is a pretty epic god reveal that is available right here.

The new character, Mercury, is an assassin with almost all of his moves based around his ability to run and speed up. With a couple of escapes and a deadly ultimate he will probably be worth checking out for Smite fans.
If you haven’t checked out smite you can do so at smitegame.com.

Tom Clancy Passes at 66

In another sad note famed author, Tom Clancy, has passed away at the age of 66. Known for the licensed games such as Splinter Cell and Rainbow six as well as the military novels, the author will be missed by many. It’s always sad to see someone leave this earth, but with someone so creative and still young it pulls at the heart strings even more. Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone effected.

Super Mario 3D World Gets New Trailer

During the Wii U and 3DS Nintendo direct this week a new gameplay trailer for Super Mario 3D world was revealed giving new information on the game. The trailer shows some serious creative power coming to the series. Many people point to the 3D Land game and Mario Kart to turning around the future of the 3DS and many Wii U owners are looking for this game to be good. Check out the trailer here.

The trailer shows off an extensive list of new powerups. It also shows off some of the new gameplay choices for the cat suit. Look for the next edition in the Mario Series on November 22nd.

GTA V Launch Issues Still Continuing

grand theft auto 5
Almost a week after the online mode for GTA V has launched players are still reporting serious issues with connecting and saving their characters. Many players have had their characters completely wiped after hours of playing and multiple times of saving successfully. Rockstar has reached out and said that they are aware of the issue, but no real fix has been presented yet. Look for an opinion article very soon on the site related to GTA V and these issues.

Pikmin 3 Gets New Update and DLC

Another news story coming out of the Nintendo Direct from this week is that Pikmin 3 has a title update. This update out now includes some bug fixes as well as a new treasure hunt mission. For players that do like the treasure hunt missions, special out of story challenge missions, there will be more coming and available as DLC. The update also includes a more in-depth leader boards system for these missions.

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