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Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 4/21/2013

Hottest Gaming News Every Week
It’s Sunday again and you know what that means! It’s time for Gamers Heroes hottest weekly news article. Every week we search the internet with the hopes of finding the very best stories in the game industry. Nobody likes to search through dozens of websites to find something interesting, so each and every week we highlight some of the most interesting video-game related stories on the internet.

Below you’ll find what we consider to be the very hottest gaming articles of this week. This week includes a brand new Wii U trailer for DEUS EX: Human Revolution, a new title from Capcom and the highly anticipated Batman Arkham Origins announcement. Check out the bottom of the post for the weekly news burst that provides a very short summary for the slightly less popular articles and games.

News Content For Week Ending 4/7/2013
Game/Company Headline
Batman Arkham Origins Game Officially Announced
Capcom Arcade Game Cabinet Announced
Elsword Action MMO Looking To Get On Steam
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut Wii U Trailer Released
Smite New God & Streaming Introduced
Xbox 360 Winners Of The Entertainment Awards Have Been Announced
Luigi U Nintendo Release Details For Super Marios Bros U DLC
Monster Hunter Online MMO Confirmed For Eastern Audience
Link to the Past Sequel Nintendo Announces New Legend of Zelda Game
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Story and battle sequences video shown.
Mario Golf: World Tour Online details announced
Mario Party 3DS New title in the series announced
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Nintendo announces portability adjustments
Yoshi Island 3DS New Yoshi Island game announced
Wii U Spring update cuts down on load times
Pikmin 3 Release date and new Pikmin type

Batman Arkham Origins Announced
Batman Arkham Origins News
Batman Arkham Origins has been announced and is under control by a different studio. Rocksteady did the past two games in the Batman Arkham series, but Warner Brothers Montreal will be taking the reigns on this new title. There will also be a handheld spin off for the 3DS and the Vita called Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate. Both of these titles have no official release date and nothing has been said for next generation on the console front.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Announced
latest news from Capcom
If you haven’t been paying attention Capcom has been releasing arcade packs for it’s Capcom Arcade Cabinet game. This week there is three new titles available 1942, SonSon and Pirate Ship Higemaru. These three games are available for $9.99 and include some nice extras including a realistic arcade experience for the hardcore and an easy mode for those that just want to have a fun time with a little bit of nostalgia. The Capcom Arcade Cabinet service is available to download for free on XBLA and PSN and then players can purchase the packs for more games.

Elsword MMORPG Announced For Steam
Elsword Online News
Elsword is looking to get on steam through Project Greenlight. The people at Kill3rCombo are asking for their fans help. Elsword is a third person action RPG game that is free to play. If you would like Elsword to make it to steam you can head over to the Elsword Greenlight Page and check it out. There also is trailers and other information available on their page. Elsword is already in the top 10 games on Greenlight so it is very possible that one last push will get the game moving forward in the process.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Wii U Trailer
Deus Ex Human Revolution News
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut for the Wii U looks to be a nice little upgrade for those fans of the series. The new upgraded version will be released for the Wii U later this year and has a a few really nice additions. The game will feature Upgraded Bosses (that everyone said was crap in the past), 8 hours of developer commentary and a 45 minute “making of” video. The changes in the game are being made by some of the key developers David Anfossi, Antoine Thisdale, Steve Szczepkowski, Jean-Francois Dugas, and Émile Pedneault. Check out this new trailer.

Ne Zha Added To Smite
Smite News
A new god was added to the Free 2 Play MOBA title Smite that is available for play. The new god, Ne Zha, is a melee physical character with the role of Assassin/Carry. The god excels in high single target damage with an ultimate based around crits as well as a little bit of crowd control. He has a stun and a slow as well as a melee hit that will do a little bit of AOE on the 4th melee swing. As with most of the Assassins Ne Zha is quite a bit squishy but can get around really well. If you don’t know what Smite is you can check out their website for some more info. They also have just allowed Twitch.TV broadcasting from the game itself without third party software so there should be a lot of footage out on the net. If you would like to see some of the Gamers Heroes staff playing Smite you can check out this video.

Xbox 360 Entertainment Awards Winners Announced
Xbox 360 News
The winners of all categories for the 2013 Xbox 360 Entertainment Awards have been announced. Call of Duty Black Ops II scooped up the Best Game and Best Add On award with console exclusive Halo 4 nowhere to be seen. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition picked up the Best Xbox Live Arcade Game while Kinect Sports Ultimate won Best Family Game. TV & Movies also got some loving with The Walking Dead, Ted and Avengers Assemble all winning in their respective categories.

New Super Luigi U DLC Details
 Super Luigi U News
Nintendo continues to celebrate the year of Luigi with the latest DLC content for the best-selling Super Mario Bros U. The new DLC will be more than just downloadable content as Nintendo claim it’s got as much new content as any new released would have. Every stage has been redesigned with Luigi’s unique talents in mind, allowing him to reach locations previously unavailable to Mario. The stages will also all receive a new 100 second time limit to add more depth and challenge to the famous platformer. They’ve yet to announce a concrete release date but they said we can expect to see Luigi U this Summer.

Monster Hunter Online Practically Confirmed
 Monster Hunter Online News
Capcom & Tencent games recently released a new website and teaser trailer for a potential addition to the MMO world of Monster Hunter. It has since been confirmed that Monster Hunter Online is in development and it will launch to an International audience as a PC-exclusive title. Incredible news as fans have recently snatched up Wii U consoles purely to play the popular Japanese title, it’s great to see developers taking note of its popularity here in the West.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Direct Sequel Announced
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past News
A direct squeal was announced for the beloved The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past game that originally released SNES in 1992. The new title will be released for the 3DS and has a ton of new mechanics for gameplay. The art style looks similar to a 2D Zelda game with 3D characters. The 3D allows for traversal on multiple levels of a dungeon while being presented in an understandable way. Thee also will be a mechanic where link is drawn onto a wall so that he can traverse areas in a completely different way to solve puzzles. There is a 3D video available on the 3DS eShop if you want to see more about the game that will be released this holiday season.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Story and Gameplay Footage
Mario & Luigi Dream Team News
Nintendo has also announced a few more information bits about Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Some story bits along with more battle sequences footage was released in the latest Nintendo Direct. The story begins with… you guessed it, Princess Peach gets captured, who knew! Players will have to go between the real world and a dream world. The real world has Mario and Luigi in battle similar to that of a Mario RPG or Paper Mario game. The dream world is more of a puzzle solving 2d area. Interacting with Luigi sleeping on the bottom screen will change the environment so that Mario can progress. The game will be out on August 11th.

Mario Golf: World Tour Details
Mario Golf World Tour News
Mario Gold: World Tour has been confirmed online multiplayer in a real way. If anyone played in the communities in Mario Kart 7, the new golf title will have communities that allow for a-synchronous and real time gameplay for friends. Tournaments and official competitive play will be featured. There is also going to be a bunch of different customization options in the multiplayer that will allow players to set the perfect golf match with friends. Players will be able to set characters, match size, golf rules and more settings. Mario Golf: World Tour will be coming this summer.

New Mario Party Game Set For Release This Winter on the 3DS
 Mario Party Island Tour News
A new entry in the Mario Party series will be coming out this winter for the 3DS. Announced during the Nintendo Direct there will be 7 different game boards with different gameplay mechanics in each section. Although the series is known for hour long matches they will be evolving the series for the 3DS making it so some boards will be quick and more compact for the handheld. Nintendo also announced that AR cards and other features will be coming to the game. Tons of minigames and antics will be coming to the 3DS this winter.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Details
Donkey Kong Country Returns News
The Wii version of Donkey Kong Country Returns was well known as being a pretty traditional console release and Nintendo is doing a few things to make the handheld port of the game more enjoyable for players on the go. They will be implementing some gameplay mechanics to make the game a little bit easier and more enjoyable for quick play. These new mechanics include a larger health bar, portable DK barrels to call in Diddy Kong and a baloon that Donkey Kong will be able to use if he is falling. However, if you still want the same difficult gameplay experience you will be able to select which version of the game you would like to play. Look for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D in stores and on the Nintendo eShop on May 24th.

New Yoshi Island Game Announced
Yoshi Island News
A new title in the Yoshi Island series will be coming to the 3DS sometime. The usual mechanics of throwing eggs, ground pounding and flutter jumping will be coming in 3D soon. There was no release date given but there was a few bits of gameplay footage in this weeks Nintendo Direct. Supposedly the title will use unique features of the 3DS to make the gameplay feel fresh and new. From that we can say there will probably be some interesting street pass and 3D features.

Wii U Spring Update
Wii U News
One of the main concerns of most Wii U owners, other than software releases, is the fact that load times between apps are generally very long. The spring update coming soon will address this issue and much more. Downloading updates and games will become a lot easier in this update as well. Wii u owners will be able to install updates and full titles while the Wii U is powered off. Passive updates to games will also be allowed to be downloaded while playing as well. The update will be available next week.

Wii U virtual Console Information
Wii U News
Announced in the Nintendo Direct the Wii U version of the Virtual Console will official announce a day after the Wii U Spring Update with a ton of appealing titles. Earthbound has been a downloadable title for the past couple months in Japan and now the NA and UK audience will be able to download the game as well. More GBA games as well as N64 games will be coming the virtual console soon. The virtual console games will have their own Miiverse community as well as being able to be played on the Wii U GamePad.

Pikmin 3 Release Date and New Pikmin Type
Pikmin 3 News
Everyone has been waiting for the announcement of a release date of Pikmin 3 ever since it was said to be a launch window title. Thankfully Nintendo has finally released a date. Pikmin 3 will be coming to North America on August 4th. Also, in the Nintendo Direct this week Nintendo announced that there will be a new flying Pikmin called Winged Pikmin. These Pikmin can carry items by flying over water and at a direct path back to the ship.

Latest Gaming News Bursts

  • Jurassic Park: Builder released. Facebook game borrowing elements similar to other FB games and inspiration from Jurassic Park Genesis.
  • Tough Guy Studios, developers of Time Ducks, have just secured $350,000 in funding for their next title
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic gets first expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel

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