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Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 4/7/2013

Hottest Gaming News Every Week
We’ve scoured the World Wide Web to find you the hottest news stories in gaming for this week. If you’re tired of browsing website after website in the hopes of finding a specific article or news on your favorite titles, Gamers Heroes are here with our new weekly gaming news article published every Sunday.

Every week we take a quick stab at what we consider to be 10-15 of the most popular gaming related news stories around. We cover most aspects of gaming from new releases and announcements, to trailers and MMO gaming. We summarize with a News Bulletin that very briefly touches on other aspects of gaming news.

News Content For Week Ending 4/7/2013
Game/Company Headline
Grand Theft Auto V Cover Art Revealed
DEUS EX: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Trailer
Cities In Motion 2 Launch Day Arrives
Ecol Tactics Online Open Beta Begins
Disney Announce Closure Of LucasArts
DayZ PS4 Launch Almost Certain
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Capcom’s Latest Title Sees Surge In UK Wii-U Sales
Neverwinter Online Open Beta Begins
BioShock Infinite Tops UK Sales Charts
Legend Of Zelda Wii-U Rumors
Remember Me New Trailer Released
Sega Admit To Misleading Trailer; Adds Disclaimer
Thief New Trailer Released
Watch Dogs Alpha Leak Rumors Squashed

Grand Theft Auto V Cover Art Revealed
The latest and greatest news from Rockstar
Rockstar have been a little quiet on the GTAV front recently but they’ve finally broken their vow of silence with some rather..well…disappointing news. They have officially unveiled the cover art for the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s not exactly the new trailer we were hoping for, or a further look into features. But hey, it’s something right? You can check the official image here.

DEUS EX: Human Revolution Directors Cut
The latest news from Square Enix
A game loved by many thanks to its cinematic approach to storytelling, fans are sure to welcome the re-release of DEUS EX: Human Revolution following the recent announcement of the Director’s Cut edition. Shortly after the announcement Eidos Montreal and Square Enix unleashed the first official trailer for the critically acclaimed title. Expected to launch sometime in 2014 the Director’s Cut will feature new visuals, overhauled boss fights and reinforced combat mechanics. You can view the trailer here.

Cities In Motion 2 Now Available
Cities In Motion 2 Latest News
Another city management simulation title is now available to play and can be purchased for $19.99 on Steam. Unlike the recent launch of the rather sketchy Sim City, Cities In Motion 2 takes a heavy approach to traffic and travel management. Manage the traffic network in thriving cities that consist of various daily cycles including night and day time, as well as rush hour; all in dynamic city settings. The varieties of traffic types include boats, buses, light rail, trains and cars. Current user reviews are positive.

Ecol Tactics Online Enters Open Beta
Ecol Tactics Online News
Ecol Tactics Online is a new up and coming, turn-based MMO (massively multiplayer online game) that bears many resemblances to titles of yesteryear such as the hugely popular Final Fantasy Tactics franchise. Train a group of class-based mercenaries and partake in classical turn-based style combat with an emphasis on player skill and tactics, over that of over-powered weapons and items. The open beta is now live and free-to-play. If you want to give it a go click here.

Disney Cancel LucasArts Titles
The latest news from Disney and gaming
The Evil Emperor has had Mickey and co under his dreaded influence since Disney purchased LucasFilms last year and he appears to have succeeded in turning the family orientated company to the Dark Side. Disney have announced that LucasArts has been closed and all employees sent elsewhere. This is bad news for gamers. As it currently stands there is very little chance that the highly anticipated titles, Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault, will ever see the light of day.

BioShock Infinite Tops UK Sale Charts
BioShock Infinite News
Stealing the UK’s number one chart spot from the hugely popular Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite has surpassed all expectations selling 9,000 more copies than its predecessor. Despite the success it was unable to top initial sales figures posed by the Square Enix reboot of Lara Croft, but it’s still impressive nonetheless. Widely hailed as one of the best games of this generation, Elizabeth and co are all set to continue making an impact throughout 2013

DayZ PS4 Release Almost Certain
The latest DayZ News
With delay after delay, after delay after delay, we’ve finally got some good news for DayZ. Despite developer Rocket claiming the game would be a 2012 release at EuroGamer, the release was delayed while working on a new MMO-type structure for the game. However, this may have not been the entire reason. In a recent interview with Escapist Magazine Rocket said that he has met with Sony to discuss the potential of a Playstation 4 DayZ release, and it’s looking very likely.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Increases Wii-U Sales
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate News
Widely considered to be one of those games that only sell well in Japan has been accredited for a massive surge in Wii U sales in the UK. Since the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gaming retailers in the UK have reported a massively impressive 125% in sales and it’s not just restricted to the UK. France also reported a triple increase in Wii U sales since the release of Capcom’s latest addition to the Monster Hunter franchise.

Neverwinter Online Enters Open Beta
Neverwinter Online News
Finally, another highly anticipated MMORPG game have revealed its next open beta period, Neverwinter Online. Part of the popular Dungeons and Dragons universe and responsible for a number of popular game and table-top releases, Neverwinter Online is the latest title from MMO veterans Perfect World Entertainment. The open beta, the fourth weekend since the games announcement, will being on April 30th. But it will set players back $200 to gain access as it’s restricted to Founder’s Package owners.

Legend of Zelda Wii-U Version Rumors
 Legend of Zelda Wii-U News
A Swedish magazine, Level 82, recently released an exclusive hands-on preview of the next Legend of Zelda game. Apparently a prequel to Ocarina of Time the game is said to be the most expansive Nintendo have ever created. Very little other information has been revealed and a few of the claims the magazine makes sheds some doubt on the story. Such as Link being available in a variety of different races, a direction Nintendo has never looked at previously. A slideshow of the magazine feature can be found here.

Remember Me New Trailer Released
Remember Me News
Remember Me is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated titles of 2013. The game promises to offer a whole new depth of game play thanks to innovative features that allow users to hack into and edit the minds and memories of those around them. Offering almost limitless freedom and potential for every encounter, this new trailer highlights some of the combat in the game including the abilities available to the main heroin. You can view the trailer here.

Sega Forced To Add Disclaimer To Misleading Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer
Latest  Aliens Colonial Marines News
Reddit user subpardave has proven that an individual with drive can challenge even the biggest names in gaming. He sent a complaint into the Advertising Standards Authority expressing his concerns over the now infamous lies seen in the Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer, and actually managed to force the once giant name in gaming to add a disclaimer to the trailers. SEGA have since issued an apology, making it sound like they actually volunteered to add the disclaimer, when it’s more likely that the ASA applied the correct pressure in the correct spot. +1 for gamers!

Thief New Trailer Released
Latest Thief News From Square Enix
Square Enix have released a brand new trailer for the upcoming addition to the hugely popular Thief franchise. Sadly the new trailer, Out of the Shadows, doesn’t give us any in-game footage to drool over but it does show some of the iconic equipment available to the Master Thief, Garrett. We’re still waiting on a release date but Square Enix have said that Thief will released on PC as well as the Playstation 4 and the next-gen console from Microsoft. Watch it here.

Watch Dogs Alpha Leak Rumors
Latest news for Watch Dogs
It was a bit hopeful to expect these rumors to be true considering they surfaced in April 1st, but thousands still flocked to illegal torrenting sites to get their early copy of Watch Dogs via an Alpha leak. It has since been confirmed that the leak was indeed a hoax and a pretty good one considering it upset all the pirates. +1 for legitimate consumers.

Latest Gaming News Bursts

  • A GameStop Executive said the Playstation 4 will be set for a global release this year.
  • Developers claim that Deus Ex: Human Revolution will vastly improve Wii U Sales.
  • Ubisoft claim that the next-gen Xbox will be very similar to the PS4.
  • The War Z was a recent target of a hacking attempt that released private information from users accounts.
  • Battlefield 4 could be entering the increasingly popular eSports genre according to DICE.
  • The next-generation Xbox beta kit was apparently leaked online. A rumor of 2 APUs followed.
  • David Hayter has confirmed he will not be in Metal Gear Solid 5.
  • Rumored that BioShock Infinite will feature a minimum of 5 DLC’s.
  • There is still absolutely nothing decent planned for the PS Vita

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