House Flipper 2 Gameplay Trailer Released

The team at Frozen District and PlayWay have released the first official gameplay trailer for their cozy indie design simulator House Flipper 2.

Set in the town of Pinnacove, House Flipper 2 allows players to be the foremal. One can choose the Sandbox mode to make a house from scratch, or can alternatively go with its Story Mode that features engaging renovation projects.

See it for yourself with the trailer below:

House Flipper 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer 2022

According to Lead Producer Jakub Bujas:

“It’s an inspiring journey of transformation that speaks to our roots, and the places that made us who we are. We’ve put a lot of heart and story into House Flipper 2, polishing our trusty tools, focusing on player creativity, and adding mysteries to uncover. We think returning fans and brand new players alike will enjoy relaxing, creating, and exploring the community of Pinnacove in House Flipper 2.”Jakub Bujas

The game will come out for the PC in 2023 – all those interested can wishlist it here.

Source: Press Release
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