Improved Fortnite Battle Royale 50v50 Mode Now Available

Fortnite Battle Royale - Gamers Heroes
Epic Games announced today that the once-limited 50v50 mode is back with improvements in Fortnite Battle Royale.

In this new version of the mode, each team has a bus that will approach from opposite directions of the map. On the map, the friendly bus has a blue outline, and the enemy has a red outline. The final storm circle will be visible on the mini-map from the start. Players are given 10 minutes to loot the map as the storm closes in on the circle, then five minutes to fight, and finally another five minutes as the storm shrinks to the end.

Supply drops will come in batches of three to six, fall every two minutes, and only land in the final storm circle. A dotted line has been been added to the map, which will indicate “battle lines” between the two teams. While players can cross the line, this also makes it more likely to run into enemies. Other tweaks have been made, including increases to resource gathering, ammo, item spawns, and more.

Source: Press Release

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