In Nightmare Coming to PlayStation Consoles March 29

Those on Sony’s consoles will get a chance to face their fears when Magic Fish Studio and Maximum Games’ In Nightmare comes out for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 29.

In this title, players will follow the story of a young boy that closes himself off from everything and falls into a deep slumber. Nightmares haunt his every move, and he must face what is truly in his heart in this narrative-driven story.

While there, players must search the realm for clues, and begin uncovering the truth of your reality, using your wits and your spirit guide to take on a number of different puzzles. However, accompanying you is a dream spirit, which can assist you as a decoy, detect invisible pathways or items, and become aware of upcoming threats.

See it in action with the trailer below:


Note that pre-orders for the physical version of In Nightmare are currently available from the Maximum Games Store – all those interested can do so here.

Source: Press Release
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