Infamous Second Son – First Light DLC Release Date Announced

Infamous Second Son - First Light DLC Release Date Announced

Back in March we got experience some of the true power of the PlayStation 4 with Infamous Second Son. At E3 2014 Sony showed there would be some DLC featuring Fetch from Second Son. After a couple of weeks we finally got a release date on the DLC.

First Light DLC Release Date

The DLC will come out on August 26th in America and will cost 15$. Fetch was the one who used Neon powers in Second Son so maybe we will learn how she got her powers and what brought her to Seattle in the first place. During the main game she was always going after drug dealers and other scum of the earth so expect more of that in the DLC.

This also opens the possibility of playing the other two conduits you get power from. Possibly play as Eugene and help out a conduit that plays a major role in the next game. They could also let you play as Augustine as she was going up the ranks making a name for herself. Catch a few conduits here and there while chasing after Eugene and Fetch. Play the game right up to the point where Hank escapes then the DLC ends and you already know what happens after that.

So will you be picking up the First Light DLC when it comes out? Personally I want some more Infamous so I will grab it when it comes out. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you are interested or not!

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