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It’s A New Dawn For Final Fantasy – New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Debuts


At Gamescom we got a new FINAL FANTASY XV trailer called “DAWN” . The trailer shows off some new story elements as well as some new characters. The trailer is mainly focused on Noctis and his father Regis.

This trailer is set 15 years before the main story and we see a young Noctis with his father King Regis. Regis is telling his son that he will always be with him while something large appears in the distance. We are not sure if this is Regis going into his last fight or if Regis is sending off Noctis to the creature. At this point, King Regis is holding a sword so he may be getting ready to do some sort of battle. If I had to guess, this might be the part of the start of the game.

The trailer also shows off a girl who is getting tossed around by a knight. These knights seem to be out in force in the city looking for something. We aren’t sure if they are part of King Regis’ army or if they are some other nations army. A dog also makes an apperence and seems to be searching around for something. This could be some sort of new mini game that you get to do to find treasure and other loot.

They didn’t give any release date but recently they said the game was 65% complete. With that information you can expect to see it late in 2016!

Source: Press Release

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