January Update for PUBG: NEW STATE Now Live

Chicken dinner is on the menu – the January update for KRAFTON’s PUBG: NEW STATE is now live on Android and iOS devices.

This update brings with it the new BR: Extreme Mode, which limits the number of players in a match down to 64 from the Original Mode’s 100 players) and limits each round to 20 minutes. Set on the Troi map, BR: Extreme Mode has been designed for players to enjoy as quickly as possible for added intensity.

Also making its debut as part of this update is the Rimac Nevera car, created in partnership with Bugatti Rimac. A time-limited Rimac Crate will also make an appearance, containing different exclusive in-game items, such as Rimac Nevera in five color variations.

The new P90 weapon (with a standard tier-2 transformative scope and suppressor attached), new gun customization options, and other additions have also been included – you can see a complete rundown of the patchnotes here.

Learn more with the trailer below:

Patch Notes (v0.9.23) | PUBG: NEW STATE

Source: Press Release
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