Kaiju Wars Demo Updated

The Kaiju-sized demo for Foolish Mortals’ Kaiju Wars is getting even bigger with a fully integrated map editor.

With this map editor in place, players will be able to create the scenario of their choosing that was presented in the main campaign. In the mission settings tab, players can choose the description, name, map dimensions, units, and palette.

There will also be a tiles tab with options, and a Kaiju tab with settings like spawn location, appearance timing, health, and respawn bonuses. One can also choose project cards and dialogue, and Steam Workshop Integration has been included.

Note that this feature will also be included at launch.

The team will host a map creator contest from now through March 18, where Steam Workshop submitted maps will be up for potential inclusion in the final campaign. Note that Foolish Mortals will reach out directly to creators, with inclusion (if agreed upon) being integrated into the main storyline, and credits to the creator being alongside the team in the final release.

All those interested can download the Kaiju Wars demo on Steam here. The full release will come out next month, in March.

Source: Press Release
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