Kickstarter MMORPG From Altis Life Team Promises VOIP, Life Of Law Or Crime, Politics & More

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Asylum Entertainment, spearheaded by John (Paratus) VanderZwet of Altis Life, today launched a Kickstarter campaign for one of the most promising MMO’s to hit crowd-funding in months, Identity. Identity is said to be a modern-day, open-world MMORPG that focuses on providing players with freedom of choice in a dynamically generated game world, avoiding the shackles that restrain the traditional MMO game of today.

The Kickstarter has already raised $8,166 CAD in less than 24 hours, but still has some way to go to reach its $150,000 goal The official Kickstarter page for Identity is filled with exciting concepts for the game, a world that promises to give players the freedom to choose more than just a character class and a list of abilities.

Identity’s modern-day foundation lays the way for a more realistic setting than the traditional MMO, presenting players with massive variety as they enjoy the life of a career businessman, tackle the dirt of the streets as a member of law enforcement or working in the shadows as a criminal or gun for hire. The developers seem to want to create a world that embodies the levels of freedom and choice available in today’s sandbox MMO’s, with the huge level of depth and variety provided by the more intricate roleplay based mods of today.

The pure scope of the project is difficult to do justice in simple text format. The above video is one of two available on the Kickstarter page, covering the basic elements and direction of the game while teasing players with potential features and updates.

The team released another video on their YouTube channel, 9 minutes of gorgeous in-game footage with detailed voice-over commentary taking players deeper into the world of Indentity.

Source: Kickstarter

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