King Arthur: Legends Rise – New Squad-Based RPG Announced

Kabam recently revealed an exciting new project on Unreal Engine 5, with exciting new gameplay footage released for the upcoming, cross-platform progress squad-based RPG, King Arthur: Legends Rise. Since my time with King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, I’ve been dying to dive more into Arthurian legend, and this game seems to offer the perfect opportunity to do so.

King Arthur: Legends Rise will offer players the opportunity to explore a “dark and mysterious” campaign as they follow the adventures of a young King Arthur. Journeying through Camelot and other iconic locations, players will build on an ever-expanding list of iconic Knights, Mages, and Rogues, building and managing teams to defeat powerful monsters.

King Arthur: Legends Rise – New Squad-Based RPG Announced

Accompanying the announcement was a sneak peek preview trailer that showcases a number of King Arthur: Legends Rise’s features including iconic characters from Arthurian legend, turn-based combat, exploration, dragons, and just about everything you would expect in a game based on King Arthurs legend.

Kabam has a rich history and proven track record of launching fun and enduring games on mobile – including Marvel Contest of Champions, Disney Mirrorverse, and Shop Titans – but as we look to the future, enabling our players to experience cross-platform progression and play is an essential part of what we want to offer our players. King Arthur: Legends Rise represents the first game for this new directionSeungWon Lee, Chief Executive Officer at Kabam.

We are thrilled that Kabam has chosen Unreal Engine 5 to build their great looking squad-based RPG for mobile and PC Tim Sweeney Founder and CEO of Epic Games

King Arthur: Legends Rise will launch on both mobile and PC, with cross-platform progression available across all devices. Interested players can now wishlist the game on Steam. For more information, fans are invited to check out the official website.

Source: Press Release
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